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Frequently Asked Questions:
What is iNetRadio?

iNetRadio gives you instant access to a world of music, news, information and entertainment, all in one place. It is a free service for users in the United States.

iNetRadio features dozens of popular music channels, the latest world and national news, up-to-date weather forecasts, podcasts covering a wide variety of sports, special lifestyle features and tips, plus informative and entertaining talk shows. All can be accessed instantly and in their entirety on desktop computers and mobile apps.

iNetRadio is unique in how it works. For example, users can listen to any of dozens of music channels and instantly access their favorite news, information, and entertainment podcasts. Unlike with broadcast radio, there's no need to "tune in" at certain times since all content starts from the beginning when selected by the user. When the podcast ends, iNetRadio automatically returns to playing the music channel. With iNetRadio users can listen to what they want, when they want. The user is the Program Director.
What are the most unique features of iNetRadio?

iNetRadio is an extremely versatile internet radio that allows users to listen to a wide variety of popular music channels and select from a virtually limitless list of informative and entertaining shows at any time. iNetRadio users can choose to listen to the latest news, and once it's finished, the music channel that was previously playing resumes automatically. Users can also select the next item to hear without interrupting the song or podcast that's playing by using the "Play Next" option. This is what separates iNetRadio from regular podcast players and is the meaning behind our slogan "What You Want, When You Want It".

Additionally, users can add their favorite podcasts to iNetRadio and hear them as part of any music channel, creating the perfect radio with an ever-growing selection of programs. Once a chosen podcast finishes, the user is automatically returned to the music channel for a continual and effortless listening experience.

iNetRadio users can also program the podcasts they want to hear each time the player launches. If news and weather are desired to play first, then they can be programmed to be heard every time iNetRadio starts. After they have played iNetRadio will automatically return to playing the music channel selected when the player was last turned off.
How does iNetRadio compare to radio or other online internet stations?

Broadcast radio provides only one signal of programming broadcast 24 hours a day. The radio station decides when you hear what you hear. If you want music, news, weather, information, or entertainment you have to tune in at the time the radio station chooses to deliver it.

Most online internet stations merely replicate what broadcast radio does. They provide a 24 hour stream of programming, forcing the listeners to wait for what they want. Other services only provide music type programs in various forms.

Users of media on the internet consume it in their own way and do not want to wait for programming. They want what they want when they want it. That means that it has to be on demand when they choose to hear it.

No waiting, no tuning in at a certain time, and no missing the beginning of anything. iNetRadio content plays from the beginning each time users make a selection.

If the listener wants news now they can instantly hear the latest with their iNetRadio by selecting the desired service from the news menu. When they select it, it plays in its entirety from beginning to end then their iNetRadio returns to playing the music channel that they were listening to. If they decide they want to hear the newscast again they can instantly.

iNetRadio provides users with a wide range of proven popular music channels that can be coupled with a vast collection of familiar news and information sources. The number of podcasts available online is rapidly increasing and any can be heard using an iNetRadio player for maximum convenience.

iNetRadio brings all of the features of traditional radio together with internet technology and delivers it to users in the way they want it: On demand.
What are iNetRadio's goals or objectives?

The main goal of iNetRadio is to deliver all the features that traditional radio provides in a way that internet users want to consume it.

The internet is loaded with news, information and entertainment from thousands of sources. In order to find all of this content a person would have to spend hours searching the internet. iNetRadio strives to bring all of this content together in one place on an easy to use platform. In the simplest terms, iNetRadio is a browser for the best podcasts on the internet, allowing users to listen to them on a platform that includes dozens of popular music channels.

Another objective of iNetRadio is to help content producers extend their content to an audience that wants to consume it on an easy to use platform. iNetRadio does not store or edit any podcast. We merely link to the content on the internet.

We believe that a podcast standing alone on a website may be good, but having that podcast available on a platform with other content and music is even better, like having it on the preset of a radio, and that radio is everyone's iNetRadio. iNetRadio will constantly be linking to more and more podcasts.

iNetRadio is designed to be the most direct connection between content providers and a worldwide audience. iNetRadio users have immediate access to desired content, and content providers have access to audiences via a practical and convenient platform.
What do you see as the future of internet radio?

The future of internet radio is very strong. There is a huge shift in the way people are consuming media. More and more people are gravitating away from traditional media and getting the media they want from the internet. On the internet, they are consuming media differently from the way they used to and want things on demand. They want what they want when they want it.

Internet connectivity is quickly coming to new cars where mobile devices can now be used like portable radios. With wireless internet connectivity very quickly becoming available everywhere, people will eventually consume all of the media they want through the internet.

We strongly believe that iNetRadio represents the practical future of internet radio by combining the best qualities radio, a familiar and established medium, and the advanced technology of the internet, an on demand medium.

The future of internet radio will be decided by new companies like iNetRadio who are innovating and delivering media to consumers the way they want to consume it on the internet.
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Download the iPhone App by Clicking Here Download the Android App by Clicking Here

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