About iNetRadio
iNetRadio is a fusion of internet and radio. While traditional radio has been a significant source of entertainment and information for almost 90 years, the internet has introduced us to a new and more immediate way of getting what we want.
Radio gives us music, news, weather, and many other elements that entertain and inform, but each element, each song, each newscast, plays for the entire listening audience, one by one, and on a schedule. Everything you hear on a radio station is determined by the programmers as a "one format fits all" package designed to appeal to all their listeners. This worked fine for decades until the internet came along and each person could surf around to find their own favorite music, news, etc, but this isn't convenient, is it?
So, radio is convenient, but it offers what someone else thinks you like. The internet has exactly what you like, but you have to find it and that's not convenient.
iNetRadio brings together the technology of the internet and the convenience of radio listening! Now you can have your own iNetRadio that plays your favorite music, newscasts, local weather and more when you want it!
Set up your own iNetRadio with whatever music you like and start adding all the features that traditional radio offers! With just a click, you can hear the news or anything else you choose! Is your music collection so unique that nobody has anything close? Load it up! Got a band and you want to have a station that will play all your songs because you want it to? Load it up! Don't have any idea where to begin getting music? No problem! You can choose from any of our music channels
Your iNetRadio can be heard at home, at work, and in the car if you have a mobile
internet device. You can share your iNetRadio with as many friends as you like or keep it private so only you can listen. It's your iNetRadio, set it up to be your dream radio station!